Tanmush (2007) Ltd

Mushroom industry is very new in Tanzania, efforts to promote mushroom production was initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture since early 90s. Projects related with promotion of mushroom as income generation activity to low income earners have been established by different NGOs, however, projects are short lived, therefore, there has been no sustainability to the projects. Tanzanians have a tradition of eating wild mushrooms, but with the continued environmental destruction, the availability of mushrooms has been diminishing. Moreover, the availability of wild mushroom is seasonal – only at the beginning of rainy season. With this background coupled with the health, nutritional and environmental benefits of mushrooms, Tanmush (2007) Limited decided to invest in this sector. Tanmush (2007) Ltd identified the opportunities to the sector to include the production of spawn (mushroom), production of fresh mushroom, training of people on mushroom production aspects and processing mushroom into different products.



Mushroom Spawn

The company sells high quality mushroom spawn. Currently, only Oyster species spawn is available, though in future other species will be available. Orders of more than 100 bottles a minimum of  4 weeks is needed to prepare the spawn.



The company offers hands on training to those interested in growing mushroom, the training period is 4 days which are spread over one month. The company accepts assignments / contracts from development organizations to train community groups in the aspects of mushroom production, processing and marketing. The company also conducts training on entrepreneurship and business plan development for entrepreneurs.

TanMush - The Mushroom People